Custom Textures

Sorry for another noob question but here it is…
I want to import one of my personal .jpg files as the texture for the floor as it contains the lines needed of where certain walls must be, etc…
How do I import it please?

Get a hold of VTFedit and use that to save the texture as a vtf then use the vmt editor in VIDE to make the vmt correctly.

Use a program called VTFedit, from there you can import images and turn them into the appropiate format, along with everything needed for it. Go look for some tutorials on how to do it, or might have some.


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I got a pretty good tutorial.

Your tutorials are generally good, very helpful.

I have to say personally I’m not a fan of VTFEdit, it’s taken a giant square shit all over my mipmaps several times, but it’s the easiest way to do things to start with and that’s a very good tutorial for it. Is it in the Encyclopedia? If not PM it to Terrenteller.

Thanks for the help everyone, its working :slight_smile:

I’ll go ahead and convert it for use on the forums, then send it to him.

uhm… have run into a problem… i cant seem to import the texture into hammer… i put the file where the tutorial said to, but it does not show up (take note, i had to manually create the folders because they werent there)

What is the path they’re in exactly, and did you create a .vmt file?

I copied the VTF and VMT into

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\sm_vt\materials\custom

Yes, I added a VMT with the same file name and the following content

	$basetexture   "custom/floor"
   	$surfaceprop   "brick"

Didja restart hammer afterwards?

Try this in your vmt instead:

   "$BaseTexture" "custom/floor"
   "$surfaceprop" "brick"

Added quotes.

And yeah, restart hammer aswell.

restarted it multiple times… added the quotes, but still no luck :(, when i open the texture selector and type in “custom” (without quotes) into the filter… it returns no results

Aha, i see it now, you put them in the wrong folder. It should go to the existing materials folder in the game directory:

It should go to steamapps\ACCOUNTNAME\counter-strike source\cstrike\materials\custom\


Or wichever game your mapping for. If you want it to work ingame for Garry’s Mod put them in steamapps\ACCOUNTNAME\Garry’s Mod\gmod\materials\custom\ aswell

no luck, I have done that but when i go looking for the texture, it goes from “console” to “debug”… I have copied the files to the following directory

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\sm_vt\garrysmod\garrysmod\materials\custom

Firegod or Metallics will surely be in here in a second, just give it a moment.

For what game are you using it for? It could be your .vtf version.