Custom Textures

I’ve always wondered how people get/create custom textures. Do they make them by scratch, or do they get them from a site that offers textures?

I’ve been looking for a place to get custom textures for awhile, could anyone lead me in the right direction?

The mappers encyclopedia. It’s the sticky in this section.


um i dont know if u download textures i think u make them yourself’
here are some vids to help u out

vid 1:

vid 2:

hope that helps!

Thanks, I’ll try, but as far as I know, most people tell others to avoid this guy.

I’ll try it though.


Or you could have not been an ass and just link me to it or even copy/paste what was from there to here.

3killphilips has helped me through alot of things

I don’t know who told you to avoid 3killphilips, because he is the best source sdk teacher on youtube.

Anyway, I think I have what I need. Thanks everyone.

Forget all you have learnt from him and learn from reliable sources.

As for textures, i use a combination of, gimp, and vtfedit.

Yeah, most of his tutorials seem outdated now too. I’m about to work on some more in-detail.