Custom tf2 models have missing textures with workshop items after being compiled.

So I’ve started to make basic custom models for tf2 for use as the models for ff2 hales I’m making for a tf2 server on which I’m an admin. The models are pretty basic and consist of nothing more than the default tf2 class models with cosmetics stuck onto them, I use GCFscape to extract the model files, blender to render and export the models and crowbar to compile/decompile model files. There are no problems with the process of actually producing the models themselves, everything goes smoothly until I open up the half life model viewer to find that any cosmetics that are community created/from the steam workshop have missing textures on them. Anything that was made by valve themselves is completely fine and appears as normal but otherwise, missing textures.

I’m only a very basic modeller and I have no idea why this is happening, its essentially killing my models. I’ve searched the internet for possible solutions but nothing is coming up, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s what most of my models end up looking like when I add workshop items:

Anyone? :frown:

Can somebody PLEASE help me out here?

What modelling software are you using? And i dont feel like waiting for a reply. so add me on steam
I Didnt see Blender. sorry :confused: add me still i can try to help.

If you say something about my bans fuck off.

Interestingly this problem has seemed to fixed itself (thx for the help offer btw) but now I’ve noticed another thing, if I use items from tf2 that can be painted to different colors in game when I view them in hmlv they end up being a generic unpainted white color. Any way I could force the cosmetic to being its stock red/blue colors or if wanted a paint color?