Custom thrustereffect not rendering

**Objective: **Add a new thrustereffect from the EP2 library. Effectname: “rockettrail” from TF2
**Error: **The effect aren’t rendering, but showing up in the thruster-stool effect menu. no errors in the console.
**Code: ** [lua]-- Code put in lua/autorun/Thruster.lua
list.Set( “ThrusterEffects”, “#Rocket”, { thruster_effect = “rocket” } )

– Code put in gamemodes/sandbox/entities/entities/gmod_thruster/cl_init.lua
function ENT:EffectDraw_rocket()
self.ParticleSystem = ents.Create( “info_particle_system” )
self.ParticleSystem:GetParticleEffect( “rockettrail” )
end [/lua]

**Notes: ** I mostly got the code from the Info_particle_controller Stool

I’m not sure how to help you because your code seems fine to me. It might just be a matter of tweaking the actual entity (By setting its KeyValues, or something similar.) Maybe you’ve already seen this page but go down the list and make sure you mess around with all the key values. I wish I could help you out more than that.

What is “GetParticleEffect” ? It isn’t on the wiki.
You can use [ParticleEffectAttach]( for orange box particle systems.

thank you very much, I will try so.


Just found out something… The file gamemodes/sandbox/entities/entities/gmod_thruster/cl_init.lua resets itself after each restart, so editing in it would be impossible… is there any other way to add a new thrustereffect?


tried to make it to an addon file with override, but still it won’t work…
maybe it’s my code that’s wrong again…
[lua]function ENT:EffectDraw_rocket()

Wouldn’t you want to make it an addon without override?

My addon contains the files that already exists in the gmod folder, with a little edit (added the effect), but the entire file is there. So to add the new effect I’ll have to override the existing file with a new one that is the same as the old one, just with a little edit. :buddy: