Custom trio of skins!

I am looking for a designer that can make me a set of skins from Disney’s Lelo and Stitch! The three skins would be Leroy, Stitch, and Rueben. Leroy would remain more rugged and in his full mutation (or actually his normal form), while Stitch and Rueben will be more cute and cuddlely. I would like Leroy and Stitch to look as they do in this picture but remove the collar from stitch and open up both their eyes: . I would like Rueben to look as close to this as possible:

When I am contacted please send a message of this pay you would prefer for this job and we can negotiate at a further time.

You should be a little more specific in some cases like: “What game do you want them in?”
And maybe if you could get some models because I doubt that the modders here will get them from scratch or even extract them from the game.