Custom TTT Models

Would it be a good idea to get custom TTT models? I’ve already gotten custom textures, and I want to get CS:GO weapons in TTT, what would I have to do to get them in GMOD, how would I get things like reload animation off of CS:GO and put them into TTT? By the way, I won’t have allowcslua set to 1

A) use the ttt cs:go weapons on workshop (however these are gamebanana skins, so they have their own animations)
B) use my cs:go swep pack on workshop. (my pack tries to get the animations to be as close as possible to the cs:go animations, however requires that you convert them to ttt(since I haven’t/probbably won’t))

I’ve also (once) tried hosting a ttt server where I replaced the main css guns with the cs:go ones. I can send a link to that too if you want, but it doesn’t come with all the weapons, only the main ttt ones.

So how would I install them into my client without getting banned from the server for lua modifications? If that isn’t possible, how would I do it if I did own the server I wanted to use them on?

You simply replace the ones in your terrortown folder.

Also, editing gmod core files doesn’t get you banned.

If you want my sweps to work as skins for the css weapons then just replace the css viewmodels/sounds.

Okay, and I should just have the CS:GO content when I replace the lua files? Or do I put the models somewhere in the Garrysmod folder?