Custom TTT weapon not showing DNA

So I added a custom weapon for TTT which is just like a crowbar but a traitor weapon the only problem is that it leaves no DNA
is there a way to fix it? so that it shows dna on kills?


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That is a sure-fire way to get banned

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what is wrong with bumping thread to which answer was not given after 24hours?

We’re not supposed to bump our own threads; and he should’ve responded with something to help instead of back-seat administrating.

Either way, it won’t solve your problem. Can you post the code of the SWEP? Make sure the base is set to weapon_tttbase; also if any of the core functions are overwritten, make sure the TTT core base functionality is implemented in the new functions in the SWEP. Basically when the player picks up a weapon, there is a fingerprint table that adds the data; if a core function is overwritten then that isn’t being called and would produce your problem.

I have the code for DNA or Fingerprints as its called, somewhere. Not sure if it actually works