Custom UI music wont play

I’ve added a total of nine songs to my sounds/ui folder in gmod so I have them to play when I startup the game. For some reason though these will not play with the exception two.

I’ve noticed that in TF2 which also has startup music that all the files are under 2MB except for “playing with danger”
This has lead me to believe that files need to be under a certain size like 2MB or they become too big for Gmod and they wont play, is this true?

Like I said the 2 files that are under 2MB and the ones that don’t play are above. Here’s a picture to make my words easier to understand.

Can anyone comfirm if a file size limit IS my problem or if it’s something else? It would be helpful.

Are they all the same bitrate and Hz?


song 1-194kbps
song 2-168kbps
song 3-179kbps
song 4-172kbps
song 5-196kbps
song 6-175kbps
song 7-161kbps
song 8-181kbps
song 9-181kbps

So in answer to your question, with the exception of two songs no they aren’t all the same Bitrate.

As for hertz, hell if I know how to check that.
Does this help at all?

Well, if the concern is that the filesize is an issue I suppose the best thing to do would be to forgo the sound quality for a bit and compress them all under 2Mb. See if they run and if they all do, of course there’s your answer.

I wanted to know if filesize does matter because I know reducing the size does indeed mean sacrificing quality.

Doing that now anyway to see if it works.

It turns out that Gmod does have some sort of filesize limit. Once I reduced all mp3 files to around 2MB they played in game. Thanks for the help p1cwh0r3