Custom Uncommon Common Infected?

All I want to know is if it’s possible to make your own uncommon common infected for L4D2. If this belongs in the L4D section, please move it there, don’t ban me :frown:.

Yes its very possible.

I think this should go in valve games/mods as it would be considered a mod.

I assume it would be possible, yes.

It also relates to custom maps, so I think he’s fine. Technically Garry’s Mod should be the only maps allowed, but no one cares. So yeah, I do believe it’s possible since someone made custom weapons.

Yes, you can basically mod everything if you got the skills.

And time.

And money.

And willpower.

It is not currently possible to create your own uncommon common infected, but it is possible to use the current ones in your maps.

Not at all. There are plenty of free 3D modeling programs out there, and once you’ve got the model you could either just use the already made AI scripts or make your own. Hey, just out of personal interest, what language does L4D2 use?

I’m fairly certain it is. I’m sure I’ll get boxes but custom content is possible and encouraged for L4D2, so I’d assume you could make and include your own uncommon common infected. I’d actually love to see some custom special infected. That’d be awesome.

OH. I just remembered this as typing, but my friend’s brother found the sound files for L4D2 and edited the tank music file; I’d assume this would mean that at the very least you replace the uncommon common infected’s model with your own.

Welp, I have no idea how to write my own scripts. Guess I’ll just have to learn or have someone do it for me.

Again, you don’t HAVE to, but if you want your uncommon common infected to behave in a unique way, then yeah i guess you’d need a custom AI script.

They use C++ for scripting. And who needs AI infected? Versus and Scavenge all the way!

Ah, thank you. And he’s talking about making his own “uncommon common” infected, not a “special” infected. You play as the specials in Versus and Scavenge, so he would need a script for his creation.

I know, I was referring to how he said custom AI script.