Custom v_model animation


Im working on a knife for the spy which I wanna upload it to the workshop. It will have custom animations which I have already created. But after the export+compiling, I can’t see the weapon in the firstperson view. I don’t think that the model isn’t there, I believe that its just somewere where the player cant see it (behind, above, under, 9000 miles away…). So how can I move it back in to the view? I cant use the rig of other v_models because after decompile and import into blender they are usualy damaged.

try putting this in the qc at the top

$origin 0 0 0 -90

Open the mdl in model viewer and check if it’s centered around 0 0 0. If it isn’t, move it around with $origin. There’s also a viewmodel mode to fine-tune the origin.