Custom VBSP for Episode1

Hello guys. Someone have custom vbsp.exe (hacked) for old engine? 2006 (episode 1). I have been found a thread for this, but download link is dead.
Thanks in advance.

A version I made a while ago, don’t know if it will work with the 2013 version of source but give it a swing.

Yes, i have it and use for 2009 sdk. Work good! But…for ep1 just crash :frowning:

This actually looks really cool. It’d be awesome if someone could modify the 2013 version of source’s vvis to utilize this-- unless it’s already fixed/added.

As always, the only thing I needed to do is edit a single line. :v:
Increase value of BLOCKS_SIZE in vbsp.cpp, to be more precise.
And hey, thanks for the hint, this will be useful for me as well.