Custom Vehicles

I have made a simple model and compiled it for garrysmod. I tried searching on google for how to make a custom vehicle but the only thing I found was list.Set to add the vehicle to the sandbox vehicles tab and that it uses a script.txt but I dont know how to set the script up and change the seat position etc. My question is if anybody knows either how to or any documentation on it. Thanks!

The seat positions are mod-specific, GMod doesn’t add custom seats on it’s own, so you gotta either get a mod for this, or code one yourself.
The driver position and camera position are defined by attachments. SourceSDK has source files for Jeep, use it’s .qc for the attachment names.

As for vehicle script, you should be fine by copying the jeep one and editing values for your vehicles, like speed, wheel sizes, suspension settings, etc.

Thanks for the quick reply. Im gonna add some attachments to my model. Would you by chance know any mods that allow me to add custom seats? The only thing I found was Vehicle Controller but it seems to be outdated as the thread is very old.

I am working on one at the moment, but it is unreleased and noone knows when it will be, there’s also one on coderhire for 25$. And some outdated ones on, if you know any scripting.