Custom Vehicles?

Does anybody know how to get custom vehicles in a map? I know it’s possible, i actually saw one of them on a map. It was like a airboat with turrets.

But like a vehicle from in a map when spawned that doesn’t take LUA to get them to spawn.

Get the model into hammer, place it where you want it, then set the entity to the name of the vehicle entity.


So make a prop_physics, set the world model to halobuggy_01 (or whatever the model’s called), place it where you want it, then change the entity from prop_physics to halobuggy (or whatever the entity’s name is).


Make a prop_vehicle entity. Select your model and where it says vehicle script file select where your script file is at.
Example: scripts/vehicles/jeep_test.txt

That wouldn’t work for an Lua based vehicle though, right?

If there are Lua based vehicles…

Vehicles don’t use lua as far as I know, they use custom scrips. They might use lua to edit the vehicle though.

Oh, my bad.