Custom .vmt file won't work. Infamous missing texture.

I made a “Plane” model in blender 2.69 for gmod, model exports just fine, but texture is missing. The Texture.vtf file is working, because it works as a spray, but the .vmt file won’t use the texture for some reason, and I just get the infamous Purple/black checkerboard on the plane model. The material won’t work on the material toolgun either, so I know it’s nothing wrong with the model itself, rather, it’s the material. However, no matter how much I try, I cannot get the material to render properly. Somebody with Gmod texturing experience please help. I am really stumped on this one.


The Nugget God (Assorted Nuggets)

We cant help you if you dont POST your VMT. We’re not wizards who can automatically get the VMT from your computer.
Also don’t sign your posts, people hate that here.