Custom Voice Playback

I seen on some servers where you join the server it plays a custom voice that plays like “You are playing on blah,blah,blah”. I would like to know if someone could whip 1 up for me and I’ll pay a bit if its necessary. I ask some people around and they have no clue how to do 1.

Ummm, get the sound and play it using surface.PlaySound when players joins the server?

Robot hit the nail on the head if you’re willing to try your hand at Lua. Have you tried to create this yet?

If not, and if you want to hire someone, please post in this thread:

The Hire Thread:

I don’t need to know how to implant it. I actually need the music file itself. I don’t know how to create 1. Plus this isn’t a Lua request. It’s more of a music request in some way.