Custom weapon doesn't have physics

I’m currently working on a custom weapon for our ttt server.
The weapon should be implemented correctly cause I can shoot with the weapon, I can scope with it,reload what so ever.
My problem is that when I drop the weapon it is just stuck in the air and doesn’t drop or so.
(And I know I have to add Icon and sound to the weapon)

Weapon code:

Sounds like the world model is missing physics.

Can you try changing the world model to models/weapons/w_rif_m4a1.mdl and seeing if it drops properly?

yeah with changing the world model it works.
So how to I add physics to the model ?

You add that model to the server.
No model = No collision box = No physics

I have the model in the addons folder same as in the client.
Do I have to do more ?

You need to learn how to model weapons if you wish to resolve this yourself. Head over to the modelling forum and post your queries about models there.

Can you post the model here?

Like upload it somewhere or what ?

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I just found an error in the console:
" MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for weapons\v_tct_f2000.mdl
MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD date for weapons\w_fn_f2000.mdl
and these two files are my models

Are the .mdl files the only files you have? There should be more.

yeah some didn’t upload right.
fixed now with same link

There’s no .vvd, .vtx, or .phy files for these models? Sounds like that’s the issue.

Ok I will search for these files.
Do I just have to put these in the same folder or also add something to the code ?

Edit: Ok it is working now