Custom Weapon sounds don't work

I got some jb guy’s CSS weapons DL. I went to add them and installed them properly. People DL all the sound files but it still says missing disk/repository and I don’t know why. Though then again the sounds he has are all different bitrates I think, what is the bitrate that gmod wants? The weapons work but I don’t know why the sounds don’t work.

on your client, server and fastdl server (if you are using one) the file - sounds/jtownguns/magnum.wav needs to exist.

if its not on the client and y ou have a fastdl setup it should do it for you

But it does, it exists on my hard drive, my server and etc. It’s in the same spot for everything. I even deleted the sound files and checked to make sure it was dling them correctly which it is.

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function SWEP:Initialize()

Fixed it, I found a function I didn’t know existed. I’m a newbie still at LUA.