Custom weapons replacing other weapon skins...


I am trying to add more knives to my server, however, the creator who owns this has purposely replaced the default knives within the csgo knives pack (from the workshop) and what I am trying to do is rename the weapons for example from “csgo_karambit” to “csgo_karambit_doppler” as it’s actually a doppler. I tried to contact one of the authors but they didn’t respond.

My current knife pack:

The one that I’m trying to implement:

I was maybe assuming that you can’t just simply rename the folders of the knives like that and maybe they overwrote the default skins because otherwise it won’t work but I really can’t allow it to overwrite the default skins. Any help?

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Here is the file of the karambit folder as I downloaded it to my desktop to customize it. (I deleted the models/materials/sounds folders as I had too many files to upload according to the website)

Folder names determine what the class name is, you should be fine. As long as of course, no other file actually tries to reference files inside that folder you are renaming.