Custom Zombie Skins for new Mod

Hey guys, I’m looking for a guy interested in producing some custom skins + a model remake for the half life 2 zombie. These will be used in for a mod i’m working on which is purely a zombie story-line game. These skins have to be unique and different to the half life 2 zombies.
Kinda like these but not based off the half life 2 NPC’s:

It purely cant have content from any other games!!

This Mod currently has 4 people on the team, and if you are also keen on joining(as a modler) just give me a shout

Anyways i’m pretty sure the rule is if i’m requesting something for a mod i have to supply content to here it is:

So yeh, give me a pm or a invite on steam if your interested, cya round.

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Right now its pretty much mostly episode 2 content, but we’re planning on cancelling out all ep2 content before we release