Custome Classes for Teams


I am trying to change a few features in the Stupid Team Deathmatch Gamemode (Found here: )

I’m trying to setup seperate classes for each team (red and blue). I’m not too fussed on making addiontional classes as I can reuse the current ones in the gamemode, but setting it so that the classes are either Red or Blue only is where I am struggling.

I am not massively experianced in LUA, but I think I can work with it fairly well.

If someone could show me how to do this adjustement or at the least help me in figuring out where the line of code would go in the current code.

Thank you in advance to anyone who does help me,


Sorry to double post, but is anyone willing to help me?

You will nees to work in lua. You must edit the gamemode.
As I can see. the loadout_config.lua u need to edit.
Its in the tdm/gamemkde/config/loadout_config.lua

As you can see how a class looks like
name = “assault”,
displayName = “Assault”,
playerModels = {


	defaultPrimary = "weapon_ttt_ak47",
	defaultSecondary = "weapon_ttt_sipistol",
	defaultTertiary = "weapon_ttt_smokegrenade",
	walkSpeed = 200,
	runSpeed = 285

Its just the first class inside PlayerClasses.
So your example is there just edit it. Then put it to inside the table in tje lua file. Like others there. Have Fun!

Thank you Kem008, much appreachiated!