Customisable Thirdperson V3

(I wanted to make a new thread cause I don’t want the old posts confusing people)

[li]SVN: [noparse][/noparse][/li][li][/li][/ul]

The main file should auto update every time you spawn.

[li]Installing:[/li] If you downloaded it from, put the “Customisable Thirdperson” folder in your addons folder.
If you’re using the svn version, check out on an addons folder.
You can also put it on your server for people to download it when they join. presets will be sent to them as well.

[li]Finding:[/li] If you’re in sandbox, go to spawnmenu->options->ctp options and the options should be there.
If you’re not in a sanbdox server type ctp_toggle_menu in console to get the menu.

[li]Using:[/li] alt + e forces the camera behind you.
Having the cursor visible (holding c in sandbox or toggling chat) makes it so you can drag the camera around

I’ve rewritten ctp (customisable thirdperson) from scratch. It has a much nicer menu and it works overall much better. The old code is very messy and hacky so that’s why I wanted to remake it.

It’s not 100% yet, but I’m going to maybe change camera dragging and add a move to mouse feature.

[li]Usable on any non script enforced server (AKA Clientside)[/li][li]Node cameras that you can place and save. Silent hill ish or resident evil or whatever[/li][li]Angle limits. This will make it so the camera always has the player in its aim[/li][li]The ability to smooth out movement and aim[/li][li]Relative movement which makes it so you move relatively to the camera angles. Like in zelda[/li][li]Targetting. This makes the camera aim at props when you’re close to them[/li][li]Camera distance threshold. Within a certain radius, the camera will stop moving and only aim[/li][li]The ability to select another player to view from. (Maybe useful for machinimas?)[/li][li]Custom crosshair[/li][li]Cvar presets[/li][li]Camera dragging. (its behaviour might change)[/li][li]It’s all customisable. Don’t like a feature? Turn it off or adjust it![/li][/ul]

And much more.

Yeah I know, it’s 5 min long. Just skim through the video or something or even better, try it in game.

Here’s a screenshot of what the menu looks like:

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Dude, calm down. I’d like to see you make something as useful and customizable as this.

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Nice work looks great.

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The cinematic modes are amazing!

Look’s nice. So if I went on an RP server on multiplayer it would work?

As long as they didnt have scriptenforcer yes

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I can’t load my custom presets, however. Can you fix this?

Hm, are alien swarm-esque veiws possible now?

You can’t find them or does it error when you load them? if it errors please give me the error.