Customizable death ragdolls

I finally got ralle’s GibSplat working and I noticed you could change the damping on ragdolls to enable a slow style of death. So with proof it was possible, I though up this:

It would feature menu under the options tab, it would allow you to change the damping (the ‘ragdollyness’ of the ragdoll), rot damping (no idea what it does but I’m sure somebody will know), the weight (as in, if it was low the ragdoll would go flying back from bullets and if it was high the ragdoll would slowly slump to the ground and not be moved much from bullets), perhaps if they twitch after death if hit by a non headshot, feel free to suggest anything else. I’m sure this can’t be that hard, this will only be needed for npcs, you can add players if you wish but it isn’t needed.