Customizable Weaponry 1.0

Does anybody have a backup of customizable weaponry 1.0? I’m asking because in my opinion, that one was better and I would like to use it in singleplayer.

Contact the author.

As long as you didn’t delete it from your add-on folder it will still be in there. That is how I kept Customizable Weaponry 1.0 and some other things like the bio-shock weapons which idk why they were removed.

You might want to do it quick too cause I think I read that robotboy was gonna make it where it deletes those unused add-ons on startup in the next coming update. I am not sure if people fully convinced him not to do it.

I deleted it thinking that I needed to reinstall it from another source because I was missing some models, but I never actually thought of where I would download the addon from. Also, I had the addon in legacy format, so it would take longer to load, but I could never lose the addon.

spy took it down for a reason. it’s obsolete with the release of CW2.0.

In my opinion, it’s better than CW 2.0, it had much more weapons and works great in singleplayer.

if you have it, why don’t you upload it for him

Well I thought he still had it in a .gma file in his addons folder originally.

I also don’t want to start anything. IMO its wrong to just re-upload others works without at-least asking them first. I would be more than happy to provide him with the file if he ask spy if its ok, but more then likely spy is gonna say no.

I’ve asked spy for permission to you to upload it and he’s expressed concern that if it became public people would expect spy to maintain an extremely outdated and inferior product in comparison to it’s successor.
unfortunately that means that means that spy does not wish for you to reupload cw1. sorry guys.

That’s because Customizable Weaponry is a base for you to make your own weapons! There’s tons of weapons made on the workshop, which is what it’s been made for. Just search for CW 2 or something.

So can he(bran92don) just send me a private link?

there’s still the concern that you could release the link publicly, but I guess as long as you don’t do that it will be okay. I would still recommend you at least look at some of the unofficial addons for cw2 if you are just looking for more weapons to play with, some of them are really well made.

Okay, I’m not going to release it publicly, my upload speed is terrible anyway. Also, if I was going to download extra weapons for CW 2.0, I would want to download something big that had tons of weapons, not many packs that has maybe 3 - 10 weapons. Bran92don, if you upload it, can you private message me a download link, and if you want, I’ll tell you when I’m done downloading it so you can delete it just to be safe.