Customizable Weaponry 2.0 Addon Problems

Alright, I am co owning with a friend, a 24/7 server. We are trying to add Customizable weaponry, But every time it tries to update, it says download failed. So, we derived the customizable weaponry from my addons i have personally installed, and changed the name to ds_(bunch of numbers). Still didnt work, Despite a majority of other addons working. I have been working on this for a while, and i need help at this point. Heres what it says.

Mounting addon “Customizable Weaponry 2.0”
Download Failed!
And goes on to the next addons.

Doesnt give it a chance, and it is irritating me. This is the last addon we need for the server to start. Help?

Maybe because the file is too large, meaning you may have hit the limit on that one file, try to split the file in half and then update one and make a new one. If you still have the error then either you hit the file size still or you have a file that steam doesn’t accepted.

By splitting, You mean the ds_3490 (which is the file for customizable weaponry) In half?

Yes, check the size by right clicking the folder and go to properties then you should see the size of the file, if it is over 100mb then you need to split it in half (the new file limit might be 160mb)

Alright. I found out its 186 MB. So imma delete half, put it in and update it. If im correct.

Alright, I have splitted the file in half, and it has not responded anyway. It still said,

Mounting “customizable weaponry 2.0”
Download Failed!

Immidiately say that, doesnt even show download progress. I dont know if its the addon, but its holding up our server. Help?

It is because the workshop addon is too large. Try downloading it on a client and moving and renaming the .gma file in to the server’s addon folder.

Yes, I have had to do this on my server, I just moved the gma file from my PC to the server using FTP and renamed it to ds_<workshopid>.gma
worked perfectly. Although I’m not sure what happens if the addon creator updates the workshop file