Customizable Weaponry - Black Textures

So most of you have heard about Spy’s amazing CS:S weapons on an amazing base.
But i have a problem with it.
(Before i start off, i must say i’m new to facepunch, so punch me in the face and i will become a REAL member :eng101: !)
So yeah, here’s what i’m talking about (Sorry for too big image, but the [sp] BB code only pretty much hides the text) :

Yeah. Pretty much like if Ubisoft took his weapons to add in far cry 3 and pretty much hardcored painted it with black.
Let’s start off with some basics information :
I have CS:S and it’s mounted
I have no other problems with any weapons, just the weapons that uses the Customizable Weaponry base. They give me black textures, but else everything else is working fine.
Attachments are also black.
It only affects the viewmodel, not the world one.
Hands are also black too.
I’m not an “addon whore” (guy who download 50000 tons of sweps off the workshop) To be honest, i tried removing as much sweps as i can.

Now, all i wanna know is a way of fixing it, or why it is causing the problem. I hope the community can help me, remember at each ends of your replies to punch me in the face :v: !

It looks like you actually have a ton of addons, look at your HUD madness. Try disabling ALL addons except for the CWeaponry.

Actually, I have only one, but the EVE is just from some mod and i’m tired to always type cl_blablaluacode_X over9thousands and the other one is just the default thing from CW. But i’ll see what can i do.
and the syringes are just Zoey’s code fixed by me for nonworkshopusetostayawayfromkids

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Gud god dis worked.
Now i just need to find who the hell is causing this problem. I’m gonna bash the addons in half off my addons list.