Customizable Weapons, Borderlands Style.

A not so simple request - a tool that builds a gun from a few different options, such as type, (Shotgun, Rifle, AR, Grenade Launcher, ETC) And then stuff like stock, receiver, barrel, and magazine. While you modified it, the stats would change for better or worse depending on the part. You could also get a secondary attachment, like a scope, a grenade launcher, shotgun attachment, silencer, laser-sight, etc.

TBH, I don’t even know if it possible. Can you even HAVE sectioned view models in source?

Well, there are two people working on such a concept. Me and Nevec apparently.

Although this is far more like Crysis than anything, if you can give me a reference to what Borderland weaponry is like, it would help tremendously. All that said, this isn’t a walk in the park to construct in the first place. Granted, someone will probably come around and whip up a poorly done rendition, but if you want something like this done well, it’ll take some time.

That should be all you need, reference wise. But here is the complete wiki.