Customize F4 DarkRP Menus

Hello folks, im somewhat new to coding and wish to learn more about it. I am only a begginner so i would now like to learn how to costumize the DarkRP Menus such as Adding tabs / Removing tabs, Change the background, all that good stuff if its even possible. Please tell me and if you got some good instructions on how to do it so i can learn and do it more in the future.

Do You Have Any Derma/Vgui Experience?

If not,

I prob should have checked the Lua wiki fist…uh…

Thanks Gustavgr16, This was what i was looking for!

He’ll also have to look into tables.

And probably everything else that has to do with lua.

Nah, I’ve added tabs.
He just needs to look into tables and vgui and have common sense and a tad bit of coding experience and he’ll be able to get it going.