Customized citizen models

Right, need a customized pack of citizen males and females.

Each model must be working player models, with all the usual animations included.

Additionally, the skins must be separated into different files for head, torso (arms included, hands not included), hands, legs, feet, eyes.
The intention is to use a lua hack to change these skins on the fly, thus, its important that they are separated.

No custom textures necessary. These will be supplied and managed post-compile. Standard citizen skins will do just fine for this purpose, as long as they are divided into separate files as mentioned above.

  • points if additional bodygroups can be added (suits, rebel, etc).
  • points if textures/unwrap (not entirely familiar with the terminology) are optimized, and only contain the bit used (legs, torso, and so forth)

I do have a pack like this already, based of BlooCobalt’s,
however, in my inexperience, I was unable to get all animations working. Additionally, eyes & eyelids got borked, and textures remained unoptimized.

Got a budget on roughly 60 USD for this at the moment, and may be able to increase it later. Payment occurs after receiving and testing compiled models.
Finally, payment will depend on the quality of the models, and how many of my requirements are fulfilled. This can be discussed before starting the work on them.
If my budget is ridiculous low or high, feel free to suggest a better range.

Feel free to add me to steam to discuss this in more detail.