Customizing an Admin Mod

How Easy would it be to change an admin mod, so that, rather than checking if the player is an admin in a .txt file, it simply has something like

if ply.steamID() == <<insert my steamID here> or ply.steamID() == <<insert my admins steamID here>>

or something like checking a table that’s right there in the lua file rather than in a .txt

Why would you want that? A .txt is easier to edit than looking through a .lua file.

I was daydreaming to myself of an admin mod that didn’t actually need to change a .txt (which is where a lot of admin mods get broken into) that only had checks of the steamIDs that were right there.
Many admin mods get broken into with the console command that gives ownership as well.

In fact, forget all this, just rate me box.

Wait, what? Why would saving steamids in a text file cause anything to break? It works fine with FlapMin.