Customly made map textures show as purple and black

Hey i’ve just made some custom map textures and i included vmf and vmt files and they show up as purple and black.

Please help me fix this.

Post a .vmt.

“$basetexture” “warningline”
“$surfaceprop” “Metal”
“$translucent” 1

And the VMT/VTF locations…?

And names…?

They are found in

my account/ hl2 ep2/ep2/textures

They need to be in the materials folder.

Oh thanks.

Oh wait i have put them in materials and they still dont work.

so the textures are in /steam/steamapps/username/half-life 2 episode two/ep2/materials?

Make sure you didn’t misspell materials. The $basetexture line must reference the name of the vtf (without the .vtf at the end) Make sure the name of the texture is properly spelled as well.