Custon sounds too quiet, help.

hi guys

So our zombie survival has just added our own custom contextual sounds, ie: you type a phrase in chat and it plays a sound clip, trouble is that I’ve made the sounds super loud in adobe audition, to the point where it hurts your ears if you play them in winamp from a folder, but ingame they sound really quiet, is the volume dictated by the actual file or a bit of code somewhere?

any help appreciated

Fuck sake, don’t put moronic sounds in your server, its fucking retarded, nobody downloads them and nobody wants to hear them. Its a cocksucking move to upload such shit. Also, learn to spell not like a retard.

What sort of sound does it make when someone writes on chat?
Also, what rimlanin said, most pepole disable custom sounds.

they are contextual phrases, made by me for ZS, dukenukem type funny lines. I didn’t want your opinion rim, I wanted to know why they are coming out quiet.