Cutest Butt In The Universe

Yes a nude chick and some space.
And as of late, I spent a good time on the light work.

she seems a bit chunky, probably because her right side is completely black, still

Oh my damn.

Who dat

S-Low’s Kristanna Loken terminator.

Pink stars?

Oh Rasti, you always manage to amaze me.

Ellis’ butt is better. :3:

Nice pose anyway.

I love butts that you can chop food on.

[sp]Ellis has a flat ass.[/sp]

We all knew this day was coming.

Left cheek needs to be the one in flexion, looks like she’s off balance as it is.

Also, needs a tad bit of self shadowing. Example: labia would be in total shadow, also left cheek would be shadowing the right cheek maybe possibly, right arm-pit area would be shadowed yadda yadda yadda

This is true. But that’s what makes it cute.

Akward looking pose.

her gooch looks like a ballsack

Just ogle her but will ya:shobon:
I was hoping it would distract you guys form the ahem, errors.


Yea but her butt?


I have said this before. When space marines stared killing
armed dinosaurs on other planets, realism sort of gave up
and went away a drink.

Cutest universe in the butt.

Somehow the hair looks like plastic.

I’d quite like that model.

She was a port for CSS. And with all the CSS ports, no face posing. Found her as Npc for GMod. And hair do look like plastic. Model has some issues. She looks nice enough from behind though.

Should have given her different hair and worked the lights on the planets.

Looks like a man.