CUtlLinkedList overflow! Engine Error for Gmod?

Everytime I join a server called Red Button Labs RBL-RP, as soon as I join it crashes Gmod and says ‘CUtlLinkedList overflow!’ Please tell me how to fix this! P.S: Only started happening today :\

Yeah, I’m getting the same thing
Ive looked it up and I believe it is a map error of some sort
But I could be wrong
Really want it to be fixed though

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it’s a current problem caused by the update. Lots of people are having this. Not sure if theres a fix for it yet.

Ah, That could be the case, it asked me to update My video driver and gmod this morning
Also, the map the server is running has problems with some of the world props it spawns
The chairs in KFC crash the server if you move them to much and if you go in the cave, it crashes it
Could be a combination of the map and the update
Really want this fixed, as theres a guy currently on the server

I’m gonna check it out, could be the new update could be anything, rp_evocity_v2d is rather buggy.

edit: Just connected, it does it for me too.

Keep an eye on for further details, I will try and keep everyone here posted but the RBL forum is the best place to raise this stuff because we got admins who walk the forum all the time.


Fixed now

Apparently there was an update and stupid garrys mod let clients connect to an out of date server.

We’re back live :slight_smile: