CUtlLinkedList overflow! (exhausted index range) (65535) [Still happens w/ Acecool's fix]

The title pretty much says it all, however there are a few important details I should add.

  1. I am using Acecool’s fix properly, I even used print() statements to ensure it was working correctly.
  2. I call emitter:Finish() in all my effects.
  3. It happens when about 10 players are standing in a group near the gas station on any of the Evocity maps.

I have been trying for countless hours to solve this problem, if anyone has any suggestions, fixes or thoughts on what could cause it it’d be greatly appreciated.

Edit: Before anyone asks I do not do render.SetBlend(0) and leave it anywhere in the script.

Edit: The issue seems to be specific to Tiramisu 2

Sorry for the bump but I really need help with resolving this issue.

Sorry for the bump AGAIN but this is just a note for Tiramisu servers on how to fix this.

The clothing system creates the player_part over and over without ever removing the old one putting the client over the entity limit causing a linkedlist overflow.