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So on ones RP server, using the map ‘RP_Downtown_v4c_v2’, we often get the problem where everything turns invisible, and this happens when console has this…

It used to happen when smoke went off, but I disabled every possibility of smoke to take place… How come this happens? I’m not sure if its like this on other maps, but it definitely is for this. People need to rejoin in order to see things… Even people go invisible.
No, I won’t change maps.

I am having the same problem I have tried everything I can think of.
I am using RP_Downtown_v4c so it can’t be the maps (I Don’t think anyways).
Hope this gets fixed.

I remember this issue. It has to do with too many particle emitters.

Here’s the fix:

Make sure it’s run Clientside. The server-owner needs to do it.