CUtlLinkedList overflow! (exhausted index range) (65535)

I’m aware this has been posted in the past, but am still having issues with it.
There was a fix posted a while ago by Matt, this no longer works after an older gmod update.

We are not hitting the entity limit on the server nor the client, so I’m baffled on what it can be. Any particles I’m creating are calling

CLuaEmitter:Finish after.

What else could be causing this? The only addon we have is pointshop 1, everything else is from me. I’ve tried clearing out pointshop a while back but am still getting the issues, it used to be only when we had 50+ players on at once however lately I’m getting it at only 20.


Rejoining normally fixes things but they after some point will go invisible again, the more players seem to make it happen faster.

Even if there was some command to reload stuff without having to rejoin would be a temp fix.

Oh also, it only happens on around 3 of our maps.

this is an old “exploit” involving ghosted props when trying to spawn a big dupe in advanced duplicator 1. upgrade to 2.

if you don’t have 1, then something is spawning a ton of props and making all the other models disappear.

It’s a surf server so we don’t have any props. It only seems to happen on around 3-4 of our maps.

Could it be something spawning a bunch of props on a map? or maybe making a bunch of clientside models?

Next time I’m on the map ill take a look at the client edict count, the server however never really goes above 500~