CUtlLinkedList overflow! (exhausted memory allocator)

I get this error, then sounds stops working. Can you help me? ("Failed to load sound ‘’)

What are you doing to play the sound?
Please explain or post the code.

And also post earlier console messages.

There is no earlier console messages that should not be there, besides the “Failed to load sound” and the linkedlist overflow.

What i am doing to play the sound? Nothing. I am just walking around. Then some sounds (hl2) stops working, but not all of them.
Like that i can’t hear music/Hl2_song29.mp3, but 1 minute ago i could. Then if i restart GMOD, i can hear the sound again.

Sorry that i am bumping this, but no one has been able to answer me, and it’s really urgent for me to fix this problem.

Does anybody know about this error? “CUtlLinkedList overflow! (exhausted memory allocator)”

you better contact steam support about these kinds of things.

Thank you for a answer. ^^ I will do that then.

But howcome this is only for GMOD that it bugs up?

Bump? :S
I really want to get this fixed.