Cutom Loading Screen

Hi, i need help putting a custom loading screen into my server but, i know nothing of how to even start. Any help will be appreciated.

I tried that^ and i didn’t work.

do you have the cvar


set to a webpage?

I don’t know what that is^, like i said i don’t really know anything. :confused:

Put in your sever.cfg


And you’ll see this page whenever you join your server.

On the website it says put it in your autoexe.cfg fiel, which is what i did.

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But ill try that^.

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Wait, i already tried that^ before and it didn’t work…

I will make it very clear for you.

First go here.

Once you are there, you can use that information to design a webpage, which you will use for a loading screen, like this.

Once you have made that loading screen, choose your method of accessing your server’s files via FTP.

Once you have chosen whatever method (in browser FTP, a FTP client like WinScp, whatever), go into garrysmod/cfg/ and find the file called server.cfg

Once you find the file server.cfg, find a spot that has no writing on it, and type this in:


Then it will work.

Good god some people.