Cutting down trees...

As a mostly solo player I find cutting down trees…Well really boring.
And I thought CHAINSAWS im sure this would add a new layer to rust
because there would finally be a use for fuel,and maybe a new utility…FUEL REFINERY
So you wont just be able to make some low grade fuel and start sawing down trees.

Do you agree that they should add chainsaws in one of the next updates?

Of all the time sinks, I would say that tree harvesting is one of the most fair currently. Gunpowder on the other hand…

I’m not sure on this.

Chainsaws would work with no problem but would you really want to use it? It’s loud and will attract every hostile player around.

Risk reward.

I think Frank posted a pic of a chainsaw concept not too long ago. Good stuff.

i like both hatchets and chainsaws.

chainsaws should be lootable, don’t know about craftable. should be usable as a weapon or for harvesting, and need fuel which is used while equipped, and more used for each attack. should be noisy as hell, but very effective at cutting things in half.

Why yes I did!

Tree cutting has felt like punishment ever since the major gathering nerfs. I know we’ll never see 150 a swing for the salvaged axe again but the gathering rate for the hatchet right now has me on the verge of quitting. It keeps getting harder to find the motivation for lumber runs. Either a chainsaw or new top tier axe would be nice.

I’m not saying that chainsaws wouldn’t be awesome but low grade fuel is very valuable for making med kits and furnaces. I made about 30 furnaces and its enough but I can’t seem to make enough med kits.

Are you kidding me, low grade fuel is one of the singularly most sought after resources in Rust! Without it you cannot make furnaces to get sulfur, and even once you have furnaces, you cannot turn sulfur into explosives for c4. I find that most of the time in Rust, low grade fuel is the one resource that I always need more of.

But yes, chainsaws would be cool for gathering wood…