Cutting holes in displacements?

Hi, i’m making an RP post-apoc map, and i have designed this crater (with a layout similer to megaton) but i want to make it so it dosn’t look like megaton, so i decided to instead of making the buildings rise higher, i’d dig them into the sides of the crater, so the inside of the building is actually in the ground.

problem is, the tool i would think i should use (the little one on the sidebar with the yellow slope), isn’t working, it does one of two things: nothing, or creates a large block of stone.
the carve tool is glitchy enough as it is, but it turns out, it just reversed the displacements and randomized everything.

anyone know a special method or tool to carve an EXACT hold into displacements without actually editing the grid?

Clip it.

Use the method that is shown on the right side of this image. (vertex manipulation)

I don’t get it. Does that just ensure the faces remain aligned for sewing?

pretty much

the clipping tool is the one thats giving me glitches (damn, i feel stupid forgetting it’s name)


That won’t work if i’m trying to punch a hole in the side of a hill, and as i said, the clipping tool didn’t work.

Take a picture for us.

i want to put the hole in the hill around the metal walls.


Make the map from scratch and make use of proper mapping techniques.

you go and do that

i just started this map about 5 hours ago, i havn’t detailed it at all.

It took you 5 hours to make that?

He’s not still working on it, he stopped and waited for us to answer is problem.

Dude look up the subdivision thread.

That was a bit mean. He’s clearly a fairly new mapper. He didn’t ask for his work to be slandered, he asked for help with a problem he can’t figure out on his own.

Lay down all the brushed needed for the terrian before you turn them into displacments, this will save you a headache later down the road. they will all be seamless and nice.

Hint: Save all your terrian as a group.


Amazing. Rated tool.

Try to not work on a major project as soon as you start mapping. try out little stuff, do tests, see what every tool does. Get tutorials, create custom textures/models, learn before you try.

A lot of that seems quite unnecessary, if anything you should be using the brushes at the start of the example as a place holder. But yes… If this was simplified it seems it could be a useful example… For a good detailed hillside, you would only need the simplest brush layout for the most detailed landscape.

That was copy pasted from the thread I mentioned. Advice for displacements still stands at go visit the thread…

I’ve tried doing your technique Don Punch and it screws up while sub-dividing, am I doing something wrong?

That brush ramp thing.

It is very fucked up.

lol what the fuck did you do


your vertices are all intersecting with each other :psyduck:


you shouldn’t really manipulate the angles in more than 1 dimension