Cutting holes in walls.

Is it possible to make holes in walls via Lua? Preferably to make actual passable doorways, but I’d settle for just an artificial window.
If it is, please tell me how.


Why not?

It just isn’t

It would imply clipping brushes, updating BSP, updating VIS, updating lighting, basically, rebuilding the whole map at runtime.

Basically, impossible. How the hell could you ever think of that being possible?

Because I figured that if you can project google onto a wall, projecting the other side of the wall shouldn’t be much more difficult. Come to think of it, wasn’t there a portalgun that did this?

well thats a different story

u can use an RT camera, and then use cam3d2d to draw the RT

Well, yes a Portal Gun is completely possible however cutting a physical hole in the wall is completely impossible in Source.

You can only have one RT cam/mat pair. What would I do if I wanted multiple 'window’s?

Umm… you can actually make holes in walls, but it requires source engine knowledge and making a binary module replicating the holes that portals make in Portal, although don’t need to use teleportation.

I swear Jinto even made a module that can do this in some way shape or form.

You can do it with rt cameras, but it won’t exactly look like a hole. You won’t see the inner part of the walls.

Yah, enough dicking around with Jinto’s module, RT cameras, and meshes and you could make a decent approximation of this. Pretty much just a special case of the “portal” thing. Worth it? Not really.

The best we can do feasibly is fake it with render targets and an easy quad, although that would limit it to four vertexes and be a rather simple hole that teleports you to the other side a la dimensional gate.

A pity, I wanted to make the houses in evocity more than just featureless boxes with a door.

Why not just clip the wall in hammer, fill the space with a func_breakable or something?

My idea:A STool that produces a RT screen and a RT camera. Left click makes one, right click makes another. So you right click on one wall, nothing would show up. Left click on the other side, and it would be a ‘window’ that you can’t go through.

Here’s an idea: make a tool that would make just a section of a prop invisible, it wouldn’t literally be “cutting” the prop, it would just make one section invisible and no-collided with everything. would that be possible?

Impossible without enormous amounts of lag.


Obviously, the gun, used for portal, is a game, WHICH MAKES IT POSSIBLE! You can’t do everything you can do in another game, on gmod…

Why don’t you make this: When you play gmod, you control a person who is playing gmod! Best idea, huh?