"Cutting loose ends"


Fun fact: This is a recreation of my first pose.

You could possibly work on the blood a little bit but I like it man.

Also, part of Eli’s leg is clipping through the couch.

Can’t really make sense of the impact and such, but here’s some C&C:

Work on your blood, mate.
Bullet impact & wound could do some work.

Besides that, it’s pretty good.

I am quite aware I can’t do blood for shit. Any tips?

Blood should have been darkened up, and it’s awkward for Gman to be shooting Eli in the cheek. In the forehead would have been more appropriate considering the dialogue. Cheek shots seem like the person wasn’t aiming very well.

The big thing that I noticed was that Gman’s gun isn’t lined up to where the bullet hit. Gotta be careful about that. Also, it seems like Gman could be standing up straighter, being the professional that he is.

haha Gman- Te and shine Mr Vance
vance- eh do you have to shoot me when im drinking my te?

good pic zerax :slight_smile:

The muzzleflash could do some more light, never make blood transparent with no shading, add some motion blur on it.
Other than, pretty good work.


Why the title? I was listening to Nerf herder (awesome band)

Master, for your information a colt doesn’t shoot .50 cal. :smiley:
Nice posing and all, but the blood is bad, try to do like mastergfh… just with a bit of tweaking.

Good posing.
Gun should be pointed at forehead though.

It does! Look at the marking, noob!



The posing on Gman is just… weird. The way he’s firing the weapon makes him kinda look like he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing, which doesn’t really fit the character.

Wow the posing is so unatural. They’re both too casual. Gman pose is stiff and wierd and Eli has no emotion of pain what so ever.

looks good, but not a fan of the muzzle