CWRP - Star Wars Roleplay in S&box

What is this?

CWRP - Military - based roleplay mod based on Star Wars franchise. You will play as clone trooper of GAR (Grand army or the Republic) , or as Droid of CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems). You will fight for Grand Republic that controlls everything in universe. In the universe has a strange power that controls everything. And the people that controll it calls Jedis and Siths.

Current progress

Currently working on Interface and map. You can find interface sketches in our discord channel below. We are learning how to build the maps in Hammer 2. We want to add at least 10 bases or planets to 1 map in Source 2.
We will try to do some mechanics in unity before getting the access for S&box, but we will wait for access to drop some of our mechanics.

Why are you making this gamemode?

We worked a lot on the same mod in Garry’s Mod and S&box is the next level. C# and Source 2 a lot better than GLUA and Source 1 in Garry’s mod. We can extend the potential of these gamemode in S&box and add more cool features. S&box will open new horizons for Garry’s Mod gamemodes, and we also want to host own servers in this game

What will the map look like?

Map will look like universe. We’re planning to do at least 10 planets with their bases. In the bases will be barracks for clones and fabric for droids. Space where you can fight on spaceships will connect 10 planets. You can stay on 1 planet and transport to another by transporter npc or use the spaceship to flight to another planet or fight with opposite team spaceships

What will be features in gamemode?

In our Gamemode we will have basic RolePlay mechanics like rp chat, non rp chat, thirst and hunger, local chat and other basics. We will have medical and hit registration system that works on bones (like it worked in Garry’s mod like 5 bone groups). We will create LightSaber system for S&box like WiltOS created for Garry’s Mod.

Our Team

@freezy - Main C# Dev.
@Trava.exe - Idea generator, C# Dev, Design creator.
@Batruha - Main mapper and modeller.
@HelixDrew - Main web-dev. Previosly Gmod dev.
@Phoenix - Main modeller. Texture creator.




Some of our sketches for hud :


Could be nice to see a Star Wars on S&box


Looks great! Once they add in SVG support you could really easily make those menus have some cool CSS animations and dynamically change color as well.


New sketches for TAB player list:

Thanks for your feedbacks




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Ah yes another darkRP idea StarwarsRP!

I don’t even want to think about whether it’s legal or not, If S&box ends up like Roblox then franchised recreations will just get taken down after a few months time.

GMOD never really had legal issues with copyright as far as my knowledge, but man… A whole post to announce to the world your making a starwarsRP… -_-

Wowza! You are the Dev king. :cowboy_hat_face:


We don’t want to make another DarkRP project. We want to recreate our StarWarsRP gamemode from Garry’s Mod with new features. We want to make it more RP and more intresting than basic DarkRP.

We are making the open-source project and don’t want to have issues with copyright claims. We won’t get money from that gamemode. That is just first thing that we want to create in S&box.


Show proof mr. russian developer, oh no proof? I wonder why… Did the archives burnd down?


Anyways, i feel like it’s going to be something like… Battlefront II but with roleplay… Seems like a really cool gamemode idea, especially highlighting parts that you got shot etc., but i feel you gonna need to wait for some typo Medic mod to come out on s&box for it to work… Or are you planin on making it all by yourself?


Yeah, we’re created the same medic mod for one SWRP server in garry’s mod. So currenty we’re working on getting the access to S&box to send more arts of our work. And what are the 1 question for? Proofs for what?