CXF | Fretta Minigames

Caught in the Crossfire - For the Insomniac Gamers

Yeah. We game.

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Fretta Server, Play various mini-games such as

*910 (Nine Tenths)- take wooden shit for points
*Ascension - Work as a team to build to the top [AMAZING GRAPHICS]
*Assassination - Kill Dr. Breen
*Asshole Physics - Break shit for the lulz
*Bomb tag - Hot potato with a bomb
*Capture the flag - Capture the flag from the other team
*Crash N Smash - Break the other team’s props for points
*Dodge ball - Dodgeball
*Fire fight - Kill NPCs for unlock-ables and leveling upgrades [short]
*FortwarsX - build a fort and fight each other!
*Freeze tag - tagging people so there frozen.
*Garry Theft Auto - gangsters vs cops, steal cars kill people
*Jump jet - side scroll + bloody as fuck action!
*King of the Hill - Capture the area for points
*Laser dance - Shitty version of laser tag :smiley:
*Laser Tag - Tag everyone until everyone is on your team!
*Melon racer - Melon racing
*Mini Tank Wars - Be a mini tank and blow up your friends
*Plane crazy - Mini plane battles
*Poltergeist - possessed props vs. YOU
*Sniper wars - Snipers with dif. abilities each.
*Stalker - Invisible mutant vs. Survivors (Unit 8)
*Terminal velocity - Mini Plane Havoc
*Ultimate dodge ball - Dodgeball Cannons + Upgrades? :razz:
*Zombie onslaught - Play as a zombie or Human and fight!

Missing Content? Don’t want to download the shit from the server? :smith:

The SVN link:
Username / Password : anon / anon
(This goes in your garrysmod folder)

Here :3

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