Cyber Elexis v2: Model physics FIX required

Hey people. I’m currently working on Cyber Elexis Skin remake.
I find the model pretty good but the physics of it are pretty bad for posing and stuff. Also this model has some problems with faceposing (the eyes don’t close for some reason).
Make me know if you can help me with upgrading it.

UPDATE: Physics are fixed now. Faceposing bug left.

This is how new version looks like:
Old version by bakunyu:

just replace the PHY file in this with the one from a better one.

Uh, things don’t work that way. I’m pretty sure Elexis isn’t on the same skeleton as Valve’s stuff.

Thanks! It worked.

The only thing left is faceposing…

It works in certain situations, like say replacing the phy file of a ragdoll with a variant of the Valve skeleton with the phy of another ragdoll with another variant. This doesn’t always work either, though, and I’m not sure what the restrictions are.

Aaahhh!! Can’t wait!
This will be released?!

About phys file:
Did you try this one? Maybe she would suit?

Btw, this model has bodygrops.