use - to command cyberkev to do something.

-Check if something useful in ears or nose. If results negative, check pockets.

Build the largest contraption ever build in Garry’s Mod’s history in the shape of a giant cock.

-stand up straight

Now open the box.

Edit: Never know what might be in there.

-Stop floating

You’re lucky that I choose your command. Besides, I forgot to do it while doing Joazzz command. Next time, use -.

-Kill the ponies in order to level up again.

kil ponys lul

Teleport to your terrorist buddies in De_tides.

Check your own prostate. After all, your health is very important.

No kill the ponies, and then teleport to a Professional Gaming League Dust server.

Kill the ponies, eat them for strength, gain a level, teleport to Dust.

unfunny and forced

You know what, you don’t have to use - anymore since people are are too lazy to read it.

You can kill the weaklings with your bare hands. Don’t lie.

-kill ct’s wit poni

-kil teem wit poni