Cybernazi Police checks a dead resistance paratrooper in a futuristic jewish ghetto

these models are cool but i know, that phong is making me crazy.

its my first :slight_smile:

Not a great idea to post your first pose. It’s pretty alright, though.

Turn up your graphics when you’re taking pictures as well. We can’t see how slow you are in a picture.

what can i do to make it better?

The depth of field sucks. EVERYTHING is blurry. There’s nothing that indicates it’s a ghetto either; the dead paratrooper’s ‘death pose’ is awkward. The kneeling soldier is somehow missing a left foot(from my angle). Effects are okay. Blood on the soldier is very awkward; it’s almost like he’s wearing the blood like a skin.

not a good scene. Like the nazi model though…enhance it, then it’s a #1 gmod download.

the model is not mine. I got it from here, though. its called “DODS Cp”