Cyberpunk - A NutScript Schema

Remember to install the NutScript framework as the schema will not function without it!

Demo video.

Information: Cyberpunk is a world based on high technology, but low end life. Cyberpunk can be created into anything you want, with any story you want to create.
You can find more at,

Features: NutScript: Cyberpunk includes Mr. Pyrous’s Tactial SWEPs, four customizable factions, a cooking system, along with a broadcasting system, and ‘thirdperson’ with head bobbing. Police and Government officials can now open Nexus doors. Grenades have been added, along with a mounted M429. Buffs was added, adding realism to the food plugin and grenades plugin. Along with that, a new CID system has been added, along with radios and notes.

Content: Due to the file size of the content, I didn’t bother splitting or uploading these to the workshop. You have my permission to do so, but here is the content. This includes the models, sweps, and sounds. Content


Download (NOTE:
NS: Cyberpunk

To download, just click download!

You can contact me on steam if you need any help, heres my profile.

Please, report any bugs on this thread or to my steam profile. This gamemode is basically done, but lots more can be added in. Post any suggestions you have or any additions you want to be added to the schema.

nice graphics

thanks i really worked hard to pull it off google images

looks pretty nice, however, the modified framework will probably break in 1 single update and that’s the worst part, otherwise it looks pretty decent, just a little bit generic, maybe you could add some HUD elements and stuff next time? i really like the creation of false IDs, it’s generally a concept i’ve never seen before.

it shouldn’t be anything that’ll break, i’ve made sure of that. and about the hud, we plan on doing something in the future about that.

Ran a small update, I updated the police faction name.

I enjoy cyberpunk atmospheres I don’t know why, but yeah, I may play on some servers with this.

Updated to the new NutScript update. Please report any bugs here.

With things like this it’s unlikely there will ever be “some” servers.

Too small of an audience, I can barely imagine the op populating his own server( if he has one)

– Updated Framework

How many gamemodes are you working on??

That garbage tier exodus community ran a cyberpunk server like that for a while.

I can’t say I’ve seen many cyberpunk gamemodes but this is replicating a game so it may gain an audience. Despite that FayZ is mass producing scripts so it is unlikely there will be many servers with these.

added new weapons + content + police overlay hud for police

New content looks nice although I disagree with all the bobbing about. Also just use captions or notes instead of typing out mid video.

bobbing is an option IG, you can turn it off or on

updated overlay

How does it look ingame?

I’ll get a screenshot after I finish some things up

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bad map for screenshot, would look better on a night map

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fixed v3

hard to see in game

Yeah is that nightvision or can you literally see fuck all?