cyberpunk/cyborg models?

Hi all

Does anyone know of any cyber type (human or otherwise) model packs usable in source? (or easily modified)

Some inspiration:

Did some searching but don’t really know where to look


The EDI model is the closest thing to those images but the others look good too.

aw fantastic, thanks :slight_smile:

This may not be exactly what you’re looking for but Raiden from MGR is a pretty good display of a cyborg.

This can apply to pretty much anything you can get from the game.

try the deus ex human revolution pack, it has all models from the game

where is this pack of which you speak?

well i found a link on deviant but i don’t know if its there anymore and its to big for me to upload

Can’t you check? It’s not like you have to walk six miles to the closest deviantart entry point.

You could try the Dystopia playermodels too.

Are you looking for somethng like this?

Yes :slight_smile: stuff like that

Thanks ViralHatred, I did find Dystopia, seems perfect for what I want. I’ve asked permission to use their models

Neotokyo character models are somewhat cyborgish

Here’s some stupid cyberpunk stuff from TnB.
features five groups, all have something different, which is a nice touch.
also custom anims :stuck_out_tongue: