Cyberpunk Roleplay - Theoretical Gaming Trailer

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share one of my most recent projects developing a video for a friend of mine that is currently working on a cyberpunk theme’d roleplay server.

It took me a day to throw it together but it was done pretty simple, I didn’t add any detail in the beginning with the news people’s mouth moving but I think this is still a quality piece worth sharing.


That’s pretty good, man. This video flawlessly depicts the genius atmosphere of a particular serious roleplay server.

Serious roleplay is severely underrated these days. Not many are willing to put forward the effort to actually develop interesting stories, narratives or ideas these days. It’s good to see that a level of creativity and detail went into this video; for that, I applaud you, sir. The theme of the video itself was displayed very well, and I’m sure this work leaves viewers being able to analyze the basic concept of the story.

Outstanding job, Keep up the good work.

Amazing work once again, friend. Hope to see more of you in this stuff in the future!

Fantastic work, as always!
(That voice-acting… mmm…)

This is… oh god its amasing!

I just watched your other video “Singularity” and i think you should be given 30 medals.

Nice video! Although the characters in our vision were primarily NPC’s or players, you still were able to capture a unique atmosphere and environment, especially with the nice ambient sounds and good voice acting. Looks like an interesting role-play.

Thanks friend, I have always wanted to move over to Source Filmmaker but I just don’t have the time to sit down and start drilling the basics in my head. This is normally what I work with and I am always satisfied with what I come up with, what satisfies me more is the reactions and criticism good or bad from other people, it’s the best part of doing this sort of thing. Thank you for the comments, most of the time I do all the voice acting myself, on this project I decided to get a few friends to help out, I am sure they appreciate your compliments just as much as I have. :v:

Thanks man, it’s going to be a 10 - 20 minute machinima through the eyes of the Civil Protection, none of that ‘omg evul bad gois’ bs either… I hope it evokes as much emotion as I plan to have it, although I haven’t touched it for weeks due to my laziness dealing with a scene that seems to go a lot faster than I had originally planned. Though when I get around to it I am sure it will be a great piece that hasn’t really been explored by machinimas or the Half Life universe, as people seem to jump that or just not develop anything worth mentioning.

Since you had mentioned that, allow me to give you a sexy little sneak peak at the intro.
(NOTE: This was the rough draft, many edits had taken place and some audio/effects hadn’t been presented in this preview yet, this is simply for boner purposes only.)